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What You Must Know

Following are some helpful tips to assist you in knowing what to expect when planning for a service at the time of need.  Our staff will be happy to help you through all the necessary steps for planning the burial, entombment, or inurnment of your loved one.


Working with a Funeral Home


Working with a Funeral Home is required since our role as cemetery is to do the committal.  The Funeral Home of your choosing will be responsible for readying your loved one for burial, entombment, or inurnment.


Scheduling a Burial Service


Scheduling a Burial Service must be done several days prior to the burial, entombment or inurnment.  There are four diocesan cemeteries being operated by our Department and adequate staffing must be arranged considering other services that may already have been scheduled.  Cremation services also require advance notice. Normally services are scheduled for Monday through Friday during regular business hours.  Additional fees apply for Saturdays and Holiday services.


Payment in Full Prior to Burial


Payment in full required by 48 hours before the burial. 


Burial Permit


Burial Permit must be current (within one year) and show the name of the Cemetery that will be the final resting place.  The permit is issued by the County in which the cemetery is located and is usually obtained by the Funeral Home, though can be obtained by the family, or someone else.  (This can be obtained by contacting the County Health - Vital Statistics Department.)



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