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Our Staff Will Assist


The Staff at Catholic Cemeteries is honored to assist you and your loved ones at the time of need.  There are four diocesan cemeteries in the Diocese of Santa Rosa.  Our experienced Family Services Advisors will guide you through the steps to select the type and location of final resting place to suit your need, and to assist in simplifying the process for you.  Our Field Services Staff will care for your loved one with dignity and respect.  Our cemeteries in Santa Rosa and Saint Helena have separate chapels where Mass may be celebrated or the final committal prayers may be offered.  Our Petaluma cemetery has an area available in the mausoleum where Mass or committal prayers may be offered.

The Catholic Cemeteries provide the final resting place in the journey of faith.  If needed, our staff can provide contact information for local funeral homes and crematories.


Options for Memorialization


Our cemeteries provide numerous options for memorialization that varies by cemeteryOur experienced staff will assist you in finding the perfect memorialization to suit your needs.  Ground burial allows for flush memorial markers of granite or bronze that are specific to each area of the cemetery or upright monuments in certain locations.  Mausoleums provide location specific memorialization that may be either engraved or made from bronze, depending on the location.

Photo to the right shows an overview of typical Memorialization Options with flush lawn markers in the foreground, upright monuments in the next lawn, crypts with scrolls on the mausoleum, and the engraved memorialization of the columbarium niches.  Click photo to enlarge!

  Memorialization Options - click photo to enlarge

Special Custom Memorialization Options


In addition to our standard options, we also have customized memorialization that varies by location.  Custom memorialization can be a bench (there are various designs from simple to elaborate) or a monu-bench (combination bench and monument).  Some families have chosen a private family mausoleum of one, two, four, six or more crypt spaces or niche spaces.  Sometimes a public mausoleum has a family area that can have customized inscriptions.  There are some more private options such as a family estate.  Options for personalization are too numerous to list here and our staff will be happy to work with you to discuss your preferences and provide information about the design and cost of customization.



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