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Online Genealogy Requests

  NOTE:  New in 2015, there now is an online search: Click here to visit our Web Cemeteries Search page (Search Burial Records) for more recent interments (2010 and later).  Older records are continually being added to the system as time permits.

We still offer online genealogy requests (form below) for those who are not yet showing in the system. You can download the printable form and submit by mail to:  Calvary Catholic Cemetery; P.O. Box 2098, Santa Rosa, CA 95405-2098


Download Request Form


OR, you can fill out the request form below and submit online:


Online Genealogy Request Form


Information must be completed by person making the request. Please complete these questions as ACCURATELY as possible in order to facilitate our search. Correct spelling is MOST important in locating burial records. Please limit your search to a maximum of four persons at any given time.


Today's Date



Cemetery where the internment/
entombment is located


Santa Rosa



St. Helena



Last Name of Deceased



First Name of Deceased



Age at Death



Date of Death



Please provide any additional information that might assist us in locating the records of the deceased (including spouse or family members, maiden name, or nick name used by deceased, etc.).



Your Name



Your Email Address



Your Daytime Phone Number



Due to our commitment to providing service for families at time of need, priority will be given to them. We will assist you as soon as time allows. Thank You.




The Diocese of Santa Rosa, Department of Cemeteries, does not represent or warrant genealogical information as accurate though we believe this information to be correct when we receive it. The information is a reflection of the records on file at the cemetery office that was provided by third-party sources, i.e., relatives, funeral directors, etc. (Rev. 4-2011)



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