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Explanation of Fees


Cemetery Care Fund


The Cemetery Care Fund is a separate account established for the perpetual care of the cemetery. This Fund exists to ensure that the lawns will always be maintained; the roads accessible and the cemetery cared for in the upcoming years, even after the cemetery is completely full.



Veteran's Discount



As a courtesy to our Veterans who served in the armed forces, we offer a Veteranís Discount of $150.  (The discount is only offered once and is applicable to the original invoice.)  We also honor our veterans by placing a small flag at their site every Memorial Day and Veteranís Day. Depending on the location, the veteran may also be eligible for a VA issue Veteranís Memorial marker in either granite or bronze. (Only available for lawn burials. The family must still collar the marker according to the lawn specifications. The cost of the collar is the familyís responsibility.)



Recording Fee


Recording Fee is to cover the cost of the records - creating and maintaining a file, mapping and all related documents pertaining to the cemetery interment. Recording Fee is per person.



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