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Our Staff Will Assist


The Staff at Catholic Cemeteries is honored to assist you and your loved ones at the time of need.  There are four diocesan cemeteries in the Diocese of Santa Rosa.  Our experienced Family Services Advisors will guide you through the steps to select the type and location of final resting place to suit your need, and to assist in simplifying the process for you.  Our Field Services Staff will care for your loved one with dignity and respect.  Our cemeteries in Santa Rosa and Saint Helena have separate chapels where Mass may be celebrated or the final committal prayers may be offered.  Our Petaluma cemetery has an area available in the mausoleum where Mass or committal prayers may be offered.

The Catholic Cemeteries provide the final resting place in the journey of faith.  If needed, our staff can provide contact information for local funeral homes and crematories.


Terminology & Options for Entombment


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The opening and closing of the crypt (including the removal and replacement of the granite or marble shutter) including the labor and care of the casket during placement.




The placement of an urn containing cremated remains into an urn vault for in-ground burial or the opening and closing of the niche (in a wall), and placement of the urn inside. (Includes the removal and replacement of the granite, marble or glass shutter.)









Location is the crypt, or niche where the remains will be placed







A building specifically designed for the entombment of casket remains and/or the inurnment for cremated remains.








A concrete, granite (stone), marble, or glass front of a crypt or niche.



Single Crypt



A space within a mausoleum designed for the entombment of casketed remains, either in an interior or exterior setting.  Single crypts are intended for one person.







Side-by-Side Companion Crypt


A side-by-side companion crypt has one large crypt shutter at the opening. Two individual crypts share a whole double- wide shutter for memorialization.



Companion Crypt



A true companion crypt has two caskets entombed end to end.  The first entombment is slid all the way to the back of the double depth crypt and sealed with a shutter.  The next entombment is slid in front of the first entombment shutter.  The two people then share one single exterior shutter.


Cremation Niche


An above ground burial crypt sized for an urn containing the cremated remains of the body and allowing for identification and remembrance.


Additional Rite of Internment


Each location is designed specifically for a certain number of interments (single, companion, or specific number of urns).  Any additional interments are above and beyond the original arrangements.  Therefore the additional interment is a conditional privilege.  It is location specific and not always permissible.  


Cemetery Care Fund / Endowment


The Cemetery Care Fund is a separate account established for the perpetual care of the cemetery. This Fund exists to ensure that the lawns will always be maintained; the roads accessible and the cemetery cared for in the upcoming years, even after the cemetery is completely full.



Veteran's Discount



As a courtesy to our Veterans who served in the armed forces, we offer a Veteran’s Discount of $150.  We also honor our veterans by placing a small flag at their site every Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. (The discount is only offered once and is applicable to the original invoice.)  Depending on the location, the veteran may also be eligible for a VA issue Veteran’s Memorial marker in either granite or bronze. (Only available for lawn burials. The family must still collar the marker according to the lawn specifications. The cost of the collar is the family’s responsibility.)




Shutter Breakout



When an additional entombment is done the grounds-keepers are required to remove the previously sealed shutter.   To do this they must un-seal the concrete shutter.   The shutter is then re-sealed after the additional entombment is completed.


Memorial Setting


The preparation and setting of the memorial marker (whether it be a crypt bar, niche plate, flat marker, granite monument, shutter inscription, etc.).  The set fee covers the liability insurance of the grounds crew, transport and/or necessary drilling of shutter, fuel costs and etc.  Memorial setting is per person.


Crypt-Side or Niche-Side Services


These services guarantee that the groundskeepers will be available for the interment at the time of the scheduled service.  If requested the groundskeepers will set up chairs, a tent, and protective dressings at the site if practical. By requesting a crypt-side, or niche-side service the family is then permitted to remain for the physical entombment, if the location and conditions allow.


Chapel Mass


A chapel mass is the Eucharistic celebration in the Latin Liturgical Rites of the Roman Catholic Church. The mass fee is to guarantee the appropriate allotted time for a full mass, including the Eucharist, any additional readings, and time for a family to pay their respects to their beloved departed. We are not responsible for arranging the clergy.


Recording Fee


Recording Fee is to cover the cost of the records - creating and maintaining a file, mapping and all related documents pertaining to the cemetery interment. Recording Fee is per person.




A vase pertains to a specific location and is a receptacle that is placed at the time of the interment allowing the visiting family and friends to leave flowers. In the lawn the galvanized steel vase is placed immediately after the burial. When the lawn requires the vase in the cement collar of the marker, the vase is then moved to the collar once the marker is set.  Vases in niches and crypts are placed when the memorialization is complete.  Not all locations have vases.


Religious Symbol


A Religious Symbol is symbolic of the Catholic faith such as a cross, rosary, angel, praying hands, etc. and is usually part of the memorialization.  Examples are available at the office when the memorial is being ordered.


Niche Plate


A specific bronze plate, for niches, that states the names and dates of the deceased. Depending on location the plate also has a religious symbol on it. The location specific niche plate may require only years for dates or be restricted to the number of letters that are allowed.


Crypt Plate


A crypt plate is a large bronze plaque that has already been adhered to the granite, or marble, mausoleum shutter.   There are both single or companion crypt plates, allowing for one or two memorializations. Name & date scrolls are added with the deceased name and dates after the time of passing.


Blast Hole


For an emblem or picture to be mounted to a marker or shutter, a monument company must sandblast a “blast hole” to place the item in. The blast hole is a recessed hole that accommodates the size of the emblem or picture allowing it to rest flush with the marker or shutter. This allows the item to be recessed to avoid damage from lawnmowers or equipment. The emblem or picture is then cemented into the blast hole.  The blast hole is required for all additional adornments.


Crypt Bar


A crypt bar is a bronze bar that holds the names and dates of the deceased, which is adhered to the shutter. (Maximum of 21 letters) Each crypt bar also has an appropriate sized cross for each mausoleum.


Shutter Inscription


Shutter inscription is the physical sand blasting of the shutter front to engrave the names and dates of the deceased. Depending on the location the shutter layout may require a cross.  If space permits, additional lettering (i.e. terms of endearment, nicknames, etc) may be permitted.


Additional Lettering


Additional lettering is for terms of endearment or additional symbols.  The names and dates of birth and death are included in original pricing and are not part of “Additional Lettering.”


Ceramic Picture


A Ceramic Picture (currently we use Paradise Pictures) is a ceramic fired image that is placed on a memorial marker or shutter of a crypt or niche.   We mail the original photo with instructions for cropping, coloring, and sizing.  The original photo is then returned with the order, and the Ceramic Picture is adhered to the memorial.   All Pictures require a blast hole. (See above)  Due to their unique construction Paradise Pictures are guaranteed.


Saturday Service Charge


Our regular hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  Office hours in Santa Rosa are the same, Petaluma and Saint Helena office hours will vary from this schedule.  If your family chooses to have a service outside of our regular operating hours then there is an additional charge.



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