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Options for Cremated Remains


Recognizing that the goal of our lives is eternal life with God, we prepare for that with prayer, reception of the sacraments, and caring for those around us.  Preparation for death is an essential part of life for a Christian.

In making decisions about our preparation for death, the choice for cremation is becoming more common.  While the Church continues to prefer and encourage the faithful to bury or entomb the bodies of their departed loved ones, if cremation is chosen, the Church wishes to support the faithful in honoring the life and memory of the departed.

The Catholic Church teaches that the cremated remains of the body should be buried or entombed.  The scattering of cremated remains or keeping them at home, or dividing them among various family members is not the reverent disposition the Church believes is appropriate.   The cremated remains of the body should be treated with the same respect as the whole body would be treated.  Scattering of cremated remains does not allow for families who would like to visit the final resting place of their loved one.  Generations of families still return to the site of the grave or crypt of a loved one and share memories and prayers in our legacy of faith.

In the Diocese of Santa Rosa, our Catholic Cemeteries have Urn Gardens for in-ground burial, Niches for inurnment and under certain conditions, cremated remains may be placed in a grave or crypt with a loved one already interred at the cemetery.  This allows for visitation, memorialization and prayers.  Our staff can explain the options and limitations to consider.  To schedule the burial or entombment of cremated remains, please contact the cemetery a few days in advance. 

All interments must have a cemetery approved outer container for interment.  Please contact the cemetery for sizes when considering placement of cremated remains in a niche as the niche sizes vary by location.  Certain urns may not fit in the niche space of some locations.



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