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In celebration of life and sharing our legacy of faith with future generations, we are offering a new feature at Catholic Cemeteries to assist in finding and memorializing your loved ones. Now there is an online search for more recent interments (2010 and later), and older records are being added to the system as time permits. NOTE:  We still offer online Genealogy Requests for those who are not yet showing in the system. If your record is not found, please visit our Genealogy Request page.

This feature will allow you to search for a person in one of our four cemeteries and will provide the location information. Once you locate your loved one, you are provided with a "More Information / Condolences" link to a personalized Web Cemeteries page (see graphic on the right) from which you can submit and share obituaries, memories, photos and memorial videos.

This new opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one allows posting online so that family and friends can view the photos, videos and information from any device with web access. People can leave information for future generations to view and those coming after will be able to know more about their family members who have passed. For more information on this exciting feature and how you can use it please feel free to call the main office at 707-546-6290.

To search burial records of our four cemeteries, enter the name in the box boxes below and click the "Search" button:



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