Catholic Cemeteries


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All Catholic Cemeteries are Blessed Grounds...


All cemeteries and burial places are meant to be places of reverence.  In a unique way, the Catholic Church sets aside in perpetuity and solemnly blesses or “consecrates” the land of the Catholic cemeteries and mausoleums.  A Catholic cemetery is considered an extension of the parish church and like a parish church, is solemnly blessed or “consecrated” by the Bishop.  A Catholic cemetery is to be a prayerful place, a permanent memorial for those who have died and a reliquary of saints.

  • All Catholic cemeteries are blessed grounds.
  • All Catholic cemeteries provide prayers for the deceased buried there.
  • Non-Catholic family members may be buried in a Catholic cemetery.
  • Former Catholics and non-practicing Catholics may be buried in a Catholic cemetery.
  • Catholic Cemeteries keep accurate records.
  • Catholic cemeteries are committed to providing a dignified Catholic burial for the indigent.
  • Catholic cemeteries maintain all burial sites in perpetuity.
  • The Cemetery Care Fund (Perpetual Care) was established for the purpose of ensuring the future maintenance and beautification of the cemeteries owned by the Catholic Church.
  • Catholic cemeteries offer a variety of headstones and memorialization.
  • Catholic cemeteries offer pre-need planning.
  • Catholic cemeteries provide burial or interment for cremated remains as well as full casket burial or entombment.


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