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Welcome to Catholic Cemeteries

Welcome to the web site for the Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Santa Rosa!  We invite you to use our web site as a resource serving the families of our Diocese through our ministry.  We are pleased to offer a new Web Cemeteries online search feature at Catholic Cemeteries to assist you in finding and memorializing your loved ones.  You may also "Join us on Facebook."  Catholic Cemeteries invites you to visit our beautiful cemeteries and meet our friendly and professional staff.  We have many options to serve the Catholic families of the Diocese of Santa Rosa.  Making pre-arrangements now will lessen the burden on families at the difficult time of loss. 


Thank You! 

Our heartfelt thanks to all who have donated to special projects at our cemeteries, and given memorial donations in memory of a loved one.  A special thanks to those who remember Catholic Cemeteries in your will.  Your generosity provides our cemeteries and our ministry with meaningful opportunities as a living extension of parish life and promotes your “Legacy of Faith.”  Click here to learn more about our new Legacy of Faith Workshop on Saturday, March, 14.



Burial in a Catholic Cemetery

Letter from Bishop Daniel F. Walsh

My Dear People:

As Catholic Christians, we believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, through His death and resurrection, has conqueredBishop Daniel F. Walsh sin and death and has opened for us the gates of eternal life.  When a loved one dies, we reaffirm, despite our sorrow and grief, that death is not the end of human life but a passage to a new and even greater life.  This hope of eternal life motivates us to praise and worship Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord.

With such living faith in our hearts, we put to rest the mortal bodies of our loved ones in consecrated ground of our Catholic Cemeteries to await the Second Coming of the Lord. 

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Catholic Cemeteries - Our Mission

Catholic Cemeteries . . . A Legacy of Faith

The Catholic Cemeteries meets the needs of individuals and parishes in the Diocese of Santa Rosa in preparation for, at the time of, and following the death of a loved one.  In providing a consecrated place for burial, we treat the human body with dignity and respect after death, and offer an environment that encourages frequent visitation with attendant prayer for the deceased, an environment in which love is remembered and faith is awakened and strengthened. We serve as a symbol of the extended community of the Church – a community unbroken by death – and celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord, which offer to us the promise of eternal life.



Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Santa Rosa


The four Diocesan Cemeteries are:  Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in St. Helena, Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Petaluma, and Saint Francis Solano Catholic Cemetery in Sonoma, and our main office at Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Santa Rosa.  Each cemetery represents a legacy of faith handed down by many generations for more than a century, a sacred place to honor our beloved departed.  They provide an opportunity for reverence, reflection and prayer as we ponder our Catholic teachings “life has changed, not ended.” Public Masses are held annually on:  Memorial Day and All Soul’s Day (visit the events page for details).  Cemeteries are open daily from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm for visitation.


Calvary Catholic Cemetery

Santa Rosa


Calvary Catholic Cemetery


Click to visit our page for Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Santa Rosa

Click to visit our page for Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Petaluma

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery

St. Helena


Saint Francis Solano Catholic Cemetery


Click to visit our page for Holy Cross Cemetery in St. Helena

Click to visit our page for Saint Francis Solano Catholic Cemetery in Sonoma




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